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ASP.NET Consulting; C# and VB.NET ASP.NET Development

Cyquent Technologies Services is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and leading ASP.NET consulting firm. Our ASP.NET consultants have led numerous enterprise initiatives to success, and have provided ASP.NET consulting leader ship with this cornerstone Microsoft technology since its general availability to the public. Our Microsoft Certified Solution Developers (MCSDs) for .NET are industry recognized as experts in .NET architecture and development. Whether it’s efficiently implementing your strategic vision or rescuing a distressed project, we are poised to deliver for you.

Professional ASP.NET Consulting Services for Web Site/Application Projects:

• Software architecture reviews, focusing on scalability, performance, interoperability, maintainability, and/or security. (Depending on the type of review, a different consultant will work with you.)

• Scalability and performance training, consulting, and troubleshooting for distributed applications, covering all tiers including the database (especially if it is SQL Server)

• Project-specific training and consulting for distributed application technologies (Windows Presentation Foundation, Windows Communication Foundation , Windows Workflow Foundation , Enterprise Services, Web Services, .NET Remoting, MSMQ)

• Architecture consulting and training

• Joint proof-of-concept and prototype development with your development team

• Developer and architect coaching. On-site or off-site, by email, phone, video conferencing, or Remote Desktop

• Database Review: indexing (and other performance concerns); query design; database structure; data integrity;

• ASP.NET Web Software Development with Ajax

• ASP.NET User and & Server Control Development

• Business\Requirements\Process Analysis for Web Applications

Your benefits

• We help you find and avoid performance and scalability bottlenecks long before your systems go into production

• You and your team receive immediate answers to your critical questions and design issues

• You get training that is not a rehash of vendor marketing, but is based on our experiences from several years of distributed application design and development


• You receive training and expertise by experts who work closely with Microsoft product teams on future technologies

• If your need is extremely critical and immediate, one of us can usually be on-site within 48 hours.

Please contact the ASP.NET Consulting Team today for a candid assessment.
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